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Welcome to my list of goals! It’s an ever growing and changing list of things I’d like to do, learn, and accomplish. I keep personal lists of more specific personal and professional goals and actions per year which feed in part off this one. What else should I add? Feel free to comment!


Health & Fitness

  • Get rid of posterior tibialis tendonitis (Advice – don’t ever wear Vibram Flatfoot shoes)


  • Get back to 205+ lbs while maintaining low body fat percentage


  • Complete a Tough Mudder



  • Complete a triathlon


  • Hike Mt. Kilimanjaro





Financial & Professional

  • Purchase a home in Colorado
  • Own 1 rental property
  • Max out Roth IRA contributions each year until I hit AGI cap


  • Max out 401(k) match each year


  • Own a another business
    • Dashing Windows [2009 – 2011]


  • Millionaire by age 40



Continuing Education

  • Mandarin Chinese Fluency (conversational, reading, writing):


  • Listen to an audio book (Midnight Plan of the Repo Man – 18 hour drive from CO to TX)
    • Tried another and failed. Turns out I don’t love audio books.


  • 2017 Goal – Colorado Real Estate License


Travel, Sightseeing, & Events


  • Visit Japan 2x
    • Ancient Japan – shrines, castles, culture, history
    • Modern Japan – Tokyo and modern cities


  • Viking River Cruise – at least 1
    • River Rhine(?)


  • Visit Hawaii


  • Attend an E3 conference


  • Go on an ocean cruise


  • Ride on a bullet train


  • Go to Disney again once Star Wars Land is done


  •  See the Northern Lights in person – maybe these awesome cabins in Finland?


  • Visit 5 other countries outside USA for more than 1 day each (2/5 complete)


  • Go somewhere far away from cities where you can really see the stars (e.g. Big Bend National Park)


Community / Philanthropy

  • Sponsor a bench, building, (something), in a local outdoors renovation project or park development


  • Contribute 8 hours of community service each year



Social – Family, Friends, Acquaintances

  • Finish my personal website!


  • Get some new headshots. All outdated!


  • Design & print a personal business card


  • Join at least 5 Meetup groups
    • Attend at least 1 event each hosted by 3 of the aforementioned groups.


  • Train Atlas
    • Basics: Sit, down, stay, come
    • Advanced:
      • Get up
      • Paw & Other paw
      • Roll over
      • Stick ’em up – bang! Trick
      • Place
      • Sendoff (place from a distance)
      • Off leash heel
        • With distractions
      • Long distance down
      • Implied stay with distractions
    • Earn his Canine Good Citizen certification


Personal Improvements / Accomplishments / Fun

  • Learn to waterski / wakeboard


  • Learn to hang glide
    • Get solo trained/certified


  • Write a non-fiction novel and have it published. Sell at least 1 copy? 🙂



  • Complete writing a round-robin style book with Jason (75,000+ words)


  • Build habit: journal & agenda daily


  • Become proficient with a handgun


  • Learn to play guitar


  • Acquire black belt in a martial art


  • Invent something! Design, patent, produce, and sell at least 10 units.


  • Brush up on my dance skills… i.e. learn to dance 🙂



  • Learn new handyman skills (TBD depending on house needs)
    • Installed home theater and built screen (2014)
    • Made built in shelves and desk for around fireplace (2014)
    • Laid paving drainage area in backyard (2015)
    • Backyard garden and landscaping (2015)
    • Backyard fire pit (2017)
    • Aluminum wiring fix (2016)
    • Hot tub! Concrete pour and installation (2017)
    • Basement Theater Room (2017)
    • Sliding wooden door – Master Bath (2017)


  • Learn to play piano


  • Learn to use a modeling software and make something via a site like Shapeways


  • Compose a song/composition using computer software


  • Learn how to sew
    • Do all the modifications on one of my own unaltered suits
    • Sew new clothes someday for my kids (have to have some kids first!)


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